2:41pm 03-21-2021
Jacky Smith
Hi Richard,
I think we have had contact back in the dsy. My Derrick line and yours coincide until we get to Levi 1815. I then descend from Worthy and you from Jonathan.
Do you have any contact for a George Derrick in Canada? I imagine he has probably died by now but he had a photograph of my GGparents Worthy and Lydia Derrick and I wondered if I could get hold of his descendants to get a copy. Happy hunting and warm regards Jacky Smith
2:01pm 08-14-2019
Paul Robson
Hello, I am interested in the Penny family tree. I believe Eliza Penny is a distant relative, although your tree shows no descendants of hers. I'd be interested in cross-referencing and seeing if this is indeed the same person. Kind regards.
10:29pm 05-27-2019
Jeremy Hobbs
Interesting in comparison to 2000. Have a whole host of new information but wondered why you hadn’t signed up to Ancestry where some fundamental yet exciting information is out on the public domain. Cheers. Jeremy Hobbs
11:22am 03-08-2018
H Porter
I've enjoyed looking at your web site. Specially interested in the Frankcom family. Florence Amy b1874 was my great grandmother and the daughter of William b1854 who in turn was the son of Samuel b 1794 ...
Many thanks
4:37pm 02-14-2018
Ann McClean
My PALMERs are from Burwell & Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Although a lot of the names are similar, I don't think there's any connection!
My website:
3:48pm 02-09-2018
Sara Craig
I am interested in the burial of Thomas Holborow in Dyrham in 1723 as I am hoping the record may give his age. This year, together with a few others are missing from the website. Is this because they have been lost or for some other reason?
Thank you for this website - it has proved really helpful.
5:03pm 11-27-2017
Sue Ash
Thank you so much for this website, what a wonderful resource you have created and all the work and time transcribing those records is really appreciated. It has really helped me in my search for my Lewis and Isaac ancestors from Tormarton and Dyrham.
9:10am 09-02-2016
Ralph Cook
Links to Marshfield and Doynton burials both take you to Doddington! Good site though